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BotRx is proud to announce integration with Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), a market leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provider. Now available through Splunkbase, the BotRx ProTx application enables current BotRx ProTx customers to deliver detailed bot detection and mitigation data directly into Splunk ES. The joint integration gives Splunk customers a single pane of glass that provides greater visibility and flexibility in analyzing ProTx bot mitigation information and events without the need to open multiple tools. 

Today’s cyber threats are masters of concealment and masquerade as humans in order to commit online fraud, but now bad bots won’t be able to hide. Cyber defenders will now have access to ProTx Moving Target Defense technology directly through their Splunk ES SIEM application. 

“Bots are the unseen threat in the online world and appear to be legitimate traffic. In our experience, many companies are unaware that bots and bad actors are crawling their websites and mobile applications, committing fraud. The integration with Splunk is another step towards making these unseen foes clearly visible to IT security professionals so they can be stopped.” said Ming Xu, BotRx Co-Founder. 

The Rising Threat of Bad Bots  

Bots are responsible for nearly half of today’s online traffic, often using sophisticated techniques to evade commonly deployed defense methods like web application firewalls (WAF). As online commerce and IT grow in scope and complexity, businesses of all sizes require a way to constantly monitor and protect their website traffic.  

 Splunk ES is an indispensable tool for achieving end-to-end visibility of complex networks, mobile applications, and APIs. Even as the threat landscape continues to expand, Splunk and BotRx are able to seamlessly scale to stop bot attacks before fraud endangers business operations and online assets.  

Get Started with BotRx and Splunk 

By ingesting BotRx ProTx data into Splunk’s real-time data analytics platform, security professionals will be able to better defend their websites and mobile applications before catastrophic attacks can occur. 

Interested in an easier way to find the bots in your environment? See how we work with Splunk to solve your bot mitigation issues: 

  1. Start your a free trial of BotRx ProTx  
  2. Download the Splunk app in Splunkbase here  

See the BotRx and Splunk Solution Brief

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