Keep Critical Business Assets Safe from Bad Bots

Your website and mobile applications are the front doors of your business in our online world. Bad bots try to access what’s behind them and cause disruption. BotRx responds by detecting, deflecting, and mitigating fraudulent traffic to fortify business continuity.

Protect website and mobile application uptime

Safeguard customer data and trust

Provide a safer and faster environment for legitimate business traffic

Why BotRx

Dynamic as the Attacker

The first and only bot mitigation company to use Moving Target Defense to dynamically change the attack surface while leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning models to protect from sophisticated automated attacks.

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Works on Day One

Actionable intelligence within hours. Using a global threat database in combination with patented bot ID technology, known and unknown bots are detected and identified immediately without monitoring for months to perform lengthy fingerprinting or traffic analysis.

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Enterprise-Grade Protection for All

Automatic protection with simple deployment, and without software integration or in-house expertise. Enterprise-grade protection made accessible to all businesses regardless of size.

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